About HERMON Heritage

Since 2010, HERMON Heritage stands for sustainable redevelopment (‘HERontwikkeling’ in Dutch) of MONuments. As a national (re)developer with a lot of experience, we are able to preserve monuments for the future like no other.

Centrally located in Utrecht is the Concordia building, both monumental and accessible. We are housed in this building. Already around the beginning of our era, Utrecht was the last post of the Roman Empire. The northern border of the empire was the river Rhine, which then meandered through what is now Utrecht. Water brought prosperity. The Concordia building has a rich history. Concordia is the Latin word for “unity,” literally “with (a) heart.” This striking spot, central in our working area, offers plenty of inspiration in the search for sustainable redevelopment of cultural heritage in the Netherlands.

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Utrechtseweg 82
3702 AD  Zeist
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P.O. box 5
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CoC: 09 217 136
VAT: NL821.986.260B.01

We give a future to the past HERMON Heritage