Monuments and sustainability

Redesigning existing buildings is in itself a form of sustainability; by not creating a new need for scarce (building) materials and saving the energy required for demolition and new construction, there is undoubtedly sustainability in redevelopment and re-use that is also encouraged by our government.

The theme of sustainability plays a superlative role in the re-use of monuments. Monuments are buildings that have proven to be sustainable for a century and often for much longer. They facilitate valuable use in constantly changing times.

Apply contemporary innovative technology in age-old monuments

HERMON Heritage

Putting knowledge into practice

With its projects, HERMON Heritage tries to put as many themes as possible into practice, such as sustainable energy consumption. This is an important theme, in particular at churches and monasteries, because the costs of energy have a disproportionate burden on the operating costs. We are not looking for the solution in traditional insulation techniques, but mainly by tapping into innovative and new energy sources.

People, planet, profit

With the redevelopment of (national) monuments, HERMON Heritage gives its own interpretation to the definition of ‘sustainability’. Our business activities are deliberately focused on adding value in which the People, Planet and Profit themes play an important role. It is a challenge to balance these themes with each other in a responsible manner.

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