Establishing Heritage Fund in collaboration with UBS Bank

Establishing Heritage Fund in collaboration with UBS Bank April 10, 2020 -

HERMON Heritage is proud to set up a real estate fund for Monumental Heritage in collaboration with UBS bank; the “HERMON Heritage fund”. With UBS Bank, there is the certainty of a Swiss bank with great expertise in asset management and investment strategies. Or as they say themselves: “We are the world’s largest and only truly global wealth manager.” In the case of this new Heritage Fund, there will be a Luxembourg / Swiss / Dutch fund.

Several renowned wealthy parties have already indicated that they want to participate. Real estate with a monument status will be redeveloped from the fund, in order to give it future value again. Any returns on the redevelopment then go into the fund. In this way both long-term preservation of Monumental Heritage and long-term returns on investments are realized.

Initially, we will continue to invest in the redevelopment of Dutch Heritage, but we will also look at opportunities outside the Netherlands to create future value for Heritage.

In order to do this and to comply with all legal obligations, we will also work with a party that has an AFM license (Authority for the Financial Markets). In addition, a prospectus is drawn up, in which we include all projects.

The Corona crisis and the related economic crisis have opened up the search for a safe place for wealth for many investors. Monumental real estate, with demonstrable, very stable value development, may offer an answer. The monuments we work on are often hundreds of years old and have experienced and seen everything. It is nice in this uncertain time that we also see them, as an example of peace and security.

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