New plans in the making for the Loreto convent

New plans in the making for the Loreto convent August 21, 2020 -

HERMON Heritage is researching new ways to re-use the Loreto convent. This week, the Sisters of the Poor Child Jezus have officially granted them the project. Since quite some time, the sisters have been looking for a new way to use their beautiful convent. One of the buildings already houses the Museum “De Schat van Simpelveld”. Now, they are on the lookout for opportunities to re-use the entire complex. That is a rather big challenge, seeing how big and how characteristic the convent is. HERMON Heritage is excited to be part of the search.

HERMON Heritage has been part of previous plans to re-use the convent (2014-2016). It is nice to now look at the opportunities with a fresh pairs of eyes. The study will take until the beginning of October. The World Council of the Sisters will then decide if they turn the collaboration with HERMON Heritage into a long-term partnership. HERMON Heritage is currently busy working and calculating to fine-tune the contents of the plan. The important parts in that are to make the plan financially viable and at the same time do justice to the feeling of the convent: tranquillity and space. With the research and plans thus far, a beautiful re-use seem well within reach.

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