Monastery Loreto (Simpelveld)

Type heritage
Type heritage:
Place and heritage number
Place and heritage number:
Simpelveld (518648)
Hermann Joseph Hürth
Role HERMON Heritage
Role HERMON Heritage:
Repurposing and co-owner
New destination
New destination:

Recovering from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in silence and simplicity. That is what you can expect in the former monastery complex ‘Huize Loreto’. The complex, which is almost 150 years old, has been left empty since 2012, but a new destination is on the way. Behind the scenes, HERMON Heritage, in collaboration with the ‘Zusters van het arme kind Jezus’ (Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus), is working hard to make the Loreto Monastery an oasis of peace for those who need it. The monastery becomes a spa for the soul, with various options for therapy, where visitors with stress-related complaints, as well as visitors who just want to enjoy the silence, are very welcome.


A major renovation is coming up in which we will ensure that the beautiful appearance of the interior and exterior is preserved according to architect Arno Klavers: “In our plans we strive for high quality and contemporary comfort within the modest character of the existing atmosphere. It is also a goal to make the building as energy neutral as possible.

Arno Klavers (Architect)

The plan is further well substantiated by various external consultancy firms who, together with our team, have looked for promising uses that are future-oriented, but also in line with the core values of the former residents. This resulted in the two main themes of our plan; positive health and reflection tourism. In the monastery, accommodation, training and workshop spaces are being created so that different customer groups can be welcomed. We are also building a digital knowledge network. This way you can be at our unique location from home, also digitally. This makes the Loreto Monastery the place to be if you want to work on, or want to know more about, positive health.

The international order of sisters will also retain a place in the monastery itself. They would also like to be able to stay in the building themselves if they want, to get together with their colleagues from all over the world for training or consultation. The sisters’ historical archive and museum art collection will also remain in the building.

HERMON Hertitage

The realization of our plan will be carried out in phases. The first part of the building will be ready in 2022. We expect to complete the entire monastery, including park and outbuildings, in early 2024.

The plan for the monastery and our role in it embody the HERMON Heritage mission in a unique way. Not only do we make plans, we also fulfill them and remain responsible as co-owners for the new future we give to our past.

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