Redevelopment and restoration P.L. Bergansiuskazerne started

Redevelopment and restoration P.L. Bergansiuskazerne started February 2, 2021 -

Even unusual heritage can get a lovely new purpose. Case in point: a military monument in Ede (the Netherlands). The P.L. Bergansiuskazerne was built in 1936. For most of its life, the base has been used as a training centre. In its last years, it housed the facility services of the army, followed by a few years of standing empty.

Now HERMON Heritage has bought the building and grounds and intends to create 20 apartments and two common areas. The common rooms will each get a community function and can also be used for, among others, community activities.

The repurposing is already underway and is done with respect for the past. The history and characteristics of the building will remain visible, for example in the expressionistic style and u-formed plan. A lost bell tower and stained glass windows will be brought back to reclaim their legitimate place in the building. Everything considered, the P.L. Bergansiuskazerne will be a place to live the good life, surrounded by nature and with services just around the corner.

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Utrechtseweg 82
3702 AD  Zeist
The Netherlands

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P.O. box 5
3700 AA  Zeist
The Netherlands


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